Alcohol Complementary Posters

I designed a pair of two 18in x 24in posters that represent the dual nature of alcohol consumption, both its social benefits and deadly consequences through mirrored elements like an open-mouthed skull and laughter. Crafted to be interconnected yet distinctly separate, the designs use shared elements like a blood splat, repurposed to depict speech and laughter in one poster and a grim backdrop in the other.

The widespread acceptance of alcohol, despite its potential to wreak havoc on individuals' lives, has always intrigued me. However, many people view alcohol positively and consider its effects an enhancement to their lives. This duality motivated me to create the two posters, each representing a different perspective on alcohol's role in a person’s life.

Course: Intermediary Communciation Design
Scope: Two 18in x 24in Posters
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator